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Potholder Lana with pocket in grey colour

For safe baking and cooking

The potholder is made of a very pleasant fabric and printed with cute hearts. With the Lana potholder you will easily lift hot lids, hold pots and put warm dishes on a table.
When it gets dirty, you can carefully wash it at 30°C and reuse it. Cute potholder can also be an excellent gift for all cooking enthusiasts.


Dimensions: 15x22 cm

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100 % Safe


Complement it with potholders, tablecloth and decorative pillows
The Lana collection enables you to turn the kitchen and dinning room into modernly arranged rooms, which emanate warmth and homeliness. Combine different complementary patterns and colour of Lana products to emphasize the effect of lively colours.

80% cotton, 20% polyester


100 % poyiester