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Orthopaedic pillow Color - Red

Shape that enables an amazing usefulness
The pillow is distinguished by a simple, but very thought-out shape, which makes it a final touch for all forms of recovery and rest. You can use it as a versatile orthopaedic pad for head, neck, arm and leg support. It will help you relieve painful body parts and enable them a quicker recovery. It is irreplaceable when you want to be as comfortable as possible in a bed or on a sofa, for reading or lying around. Besides, it is so pleasant that the kids also want to have one of their own.

Dimension: 50 cm x fi 13 cm

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100 % Safe


Soft comfort with a long service life
The fabric of the pillow is of high quality and is very pleasant to the touch. The pillow is washable; after washing, shake it well, straighten it and let it dry on a flat surface. High quality composition and excellent manufacture ensure that the pillow will keep its original appearance after washing as well.

35% cotton / 65% polyester

Quilted cover: 100% polyester, Feel-Well fibers
Core: 100% polyester, Feel-Well fibers

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