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Multi-purpose pillow Swing - Orange

Soft and unbelievably adjustable embrace
Due to the prudent spiral design, Swing wonderfully adapts to the body, when you are either lying or sitting, are in a bed or an armchair. With its shape and high quality composition, it creates soft comfort as you can support your head, neck, arms and legs simultaneously. At the same time, it contributes to the bright and merry appearance of your home with its colourfulness.

Dimension: 150x90 cm

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Prudent design and excellent composition
Swing was developed in Odeja Škofja Loka. It is distinguished by prudent and adjustable design, which ensures that the pillow nicely wraps around various parts of your body.
The fabric of the pillow is wonderfully pleasant to the touch, and the soft and supple filling is also suitable for allergic people and asthmatics. Swing is washable, so you can thus maintain its freshness.


Recommended use of Swing

  • Adjustable support of various body parts in lying, semi-sitting or sitting position
  • Orthopaedic support of various body parts during recovery
  • Pillow for improving comfort when you are lying or lounging
  • Pillow for pregnant women
  • Pillow for playing and resting in the children's room
  • Amusing decorative pillow for any room in your home

35% cotton / 65% polyester

100% polyester, Feel-Well fabrics


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