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Organic Lux Latex pillow

Compact anatomical pillow from natural latex with GOLS certificate

Naturally conformable softness for dreamy comfort
The pillow is composed of a quilted cover and core. The core from natural latex has received the renowned GOLS certificate. Special features of natural latex include top-of-the-line softness and elasticity, with exceptionally long useful life. Due to the porous structure of the core, it provides a pleasant feeling of airiness and freshness. The pillow cover is made from top-of-the-line organic cotton, soft to the touch and very skin-friendly. It uses a zip and ensures healthy sleep and cleanliness of the pillow.

Dimension: 40x60x12 cm

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100 % Safe


For a healthy and natural spinal support

The core from natural latex ensures the orthopedically correct position of the spine, head and neck. The latex perfectly conforms to the body, providing stable and soft support throughout the night, ensuring healthy sleep without any aches. With its perfect ergonomic shape that conforms to the individual, the Organic Lux Latex pillow is an excellent choice regardless of one’s sleeping habits and positions.


Recognized GOLS certificate

The core from natural latex has received the renowned GOLS certificate (Global Organic Latex Standard). This certificate is the standard for organic latex processing. In addition to using organic raw materials, it also focuses on other aspects – such as human health, safety, wellbeing and the environment – in the manufacture of organic latex products.

Suitable cover fabric

The suitable size of the cover fabric is 50x70 cm. Choose from our high quality pillow covers which you can find here >>.


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natural latex, with GOLS certificate

Washable cover fabric:
100 % organic cotton, with GOTS certificate

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