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Quilt Organic Lux Cotton Light

Light quilt made of 100 % organic cotton

Cover yourself with natural ease

Quilt is made from top quality 100 % cotton satin from organic processing. Organic cotton is indispensable for those who like to sleep in a very natural, fresh and gentle sleeping climate. It is extremely friendly to the skin, highly hydrophilic, perfectly absorbs and emits moisture from the body into the room, it is airy and light. We recommend this quilt for warmer seasons and very warm bedrooms. Sleeping with Organic Lux Cotton Light quilt will allow you complete natural relaxation and fill you with energy.

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Get to know the positive energy of organic cotton
Organic cotton certified by GOTS grows in organically farmed fields, without artificial fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides. Processing of cotton fibers is completely organic and does not involve toxic chemicals. Due to strict organic farming all the advantages of cotton fibers are especially emphasized.


Pamper your health with Odeja Organic products
Make your bed also with Odeja Organic pillow and bed linen. The completely natural sleeping environment will create conditions for a deep and refreshing sleep. View the catalogue >


Ensure a long lasting comfort of the quilts
100 % organic cotton has many special features and qualities. Make sure the quilt will provide you with comfortable softness for a long time. 

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