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Quilt Inlet Dreamfil Double

Double composed all-seasons quilt

Three quilts in one
The quilt is suitable for use in all seasons because it is composed of two quilts: Inlet Dreamfil Light and Inlet Dreamfil Medium. The quilts are stapled together with rivets. For warmer seasons you can use the light quilt, for transitional periods cover yourself with the medium warm quilt. When you are really cold, staple together both quilt and enjoy their wonderful warmth.

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100 % Safe


Dreamlike airiness and softness for the sensitive as well
The quilt is made from 100 % cotton inlet, which is soft and very pleasant to the touch. It is filled with siliconized polyester Dreamfil, which is airy, light, warm and soft. We recommend this quilt to everyone who like fluffy comfort, but are too sensitive to sleep with a feather quilt, especially allergic people and asthmatics.


Collection ODEJA
The quilt is a part of a ODEJA collection, that is known for certified prestigious materials, along with top quality resources and manufacture. We have sewn the respect for your healthy sleep and well-being in each product. They are made for those who desire only the best for their sleep.

100% cotton inlet

100% siliconized polyester Dreamfil, 150g/m2 + 300 g/m2

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