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Down Extra Quilt

Very warm quilt, filled with new down, feathers and flax

Wrap into the night, as light as a feather
The new down and feathers are amazingly airy and light and create a dreamy comfort. The high quality combination of natural materials enables the quilt to extremely effectively accumulate and preserve warmth without causing nighttime perspiration. It will pleasantly embrace you and keep you evenly warm over your entire body.

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100 % Safe


Ensure yourself a healthy sleep in a fairytale warmth
By using this quilt, you will create excellent conditions for complete body relaxation, especially for rheumatic people and for everyone who is often cold.


Long lasting freshness
Wash the quilt if it gets dirty or if you just want to refresh it. More about the maintenance of bedding made of natural materials >


Enjoy the amazing features of down, feather and flex
Down and feathers are airy and gentle as a cloud. Down is wonderfully light and soft and feathers generate support and stability. They quickly create and retain warmth and evenly distribute it all over the body. They are washed and disinfected before being used in the Natur pillows and quilts and therefore do not contain dust mites. And you can preserve the freshness of products by washing.
The flax complements the thermal characteristics of down and feathers. The flax fibers in the filling of the quilt are antistatic and antibacterial; they effectively drains body moisture into the room and enables your skin to breathe. With its porous structure it contributes to airiness and creates a fresh sleeping microclimate.


Create the natural sleeping climate in your bed
Also accessorize your bed with Odeja Natur pillows and toppers. You will create the perfect natural comfort for a healthy and relaxed sleep.


Odeja Natur collection
Odeja Natur is superb bedding made from wonderful natural materials, soft organic shapes and well thought-out details. The natural features of down, wool and plant fibers create an exceptionally pleasant sleeping climate, enable a complete body regeneration and fill you with energy for a new day. View the entire collection >

100% cotton fabric
75% new down and feathers, 25% flax (265 g/m²)