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Bamboo Medium quilt

Medium warm quilt woven with bamboo fibres

Relax in the airiness of bamboo
Bamboo fibres have very special features: they are antibacterial, very skin friendly, airy and thus excellently complement the beneficent effects of cotton in the filling. The quilt creates a pleasant and healthy sleeping climate, which will offer you a heavenly sleep.

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Feel the pleasant warmth without perspiration
Bamboo fibres do not overheat the body and are effective in draining body moisture into the room. Airy and soft Feel-Well fibres add to the lightness of the quilt. The quilt is pleasantly soft and warm and it ensures a carefree sleep.


Long lasting freshness
Wash the quilt if it gets dirty or if you just want to refresh it. More about the maintenance of bedding made of natural materials >


A superb combination of bamboo and cotton
Bamboo fibres are antibacterial and hydrophilic, amazingly skin friendly and airy. It is characteristic for them that they do not accumulate warmth and do not retain dust mites. The sleeping climate created by bamboo fibres is pleasantly fresh and are recommended to everyone who often feels hot at night.
Cotton is skin friendly, airy and light. It very effectively drains body moisture into the room. It creates a pleasantly airy and fresh sleeping climate, which is appreciated by everyone who is prone to night perspiration.
Extremely pleasant Feel-Well fibers add to the airiness and the wonderful and long-lasting softness of the quilt.


Create the natural sleeping climate in your bed
Also accessorize your bed with Odeja Natur pillows and toppers. You will create the perfect natural comfort for a healthy and relaxed sleep.


Odeja Natur collection
Odeja Natur is superb bedding made from wonderful natural materials, soft organic shapes and well thought-out details. The natural features of down, wool and plant fibers create an exceptionally pleasant sleeping climate, enable a complete body regeneration and fill you with energy for a new day. View the entire collection >

50% bamboo fibers / 50 % cotton
90 % cotton, 10 % Feel-Well fibers (450 g/m²)

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