Odeja d.o.o. is the leading Slovene manufacturer of high quality quilted textile products. Our wide range of products includes bed linen and products for home beautification. With our products you can furnish your bedroom and children's cot, fix up your bathroom, make your kitchen and living room more interesting, or decorate berths and rooms of bars, hotels and medical facilities.

High technological expertise and flexibility

Our own development and manufacture, supervised selection of finest materials and high-quality production are the main features of Odeja. They enable us to adapt to each individual customer in terms of materials, methods of production and quantity of products. We help our business partners to realize their idea and develop very specific products for niche or wide market.

The major part of our market consists of demanding customers

They swear by checked source of materials, high-quality production and optimal ratio between the quality of products and their price. We have our own network of retail stores in all major Slovene cities and an online store for global market. Our business partners and customers are from numerous countries all over the world, and due to the proven quality and origin of products we expand our market every year.


Quilted excellence

Odeja is renown to have a tangibly excellent offer. We sew our respect for every customer's well-being in every our product.
Since 1932.

How to find us

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