Development and manufacturing products for the end market

Odeja develops and manufactures high quality textile products for home. We have our own wide range of brands of textile products for healthy sleeping and home decoration. Our products are known to be made from quality materials, which are environment and people friendly. In all our products there is a sense of deep respect for well-being and healthy sleeping of every one of our customers.


Development and production of items for major buyers and for decorating larger facilities

For major buyer, such as merchants and decorators of bars, hotels and similar facilities, we have an already made offer which can be supplemented and adapted for each buyer. Engineering expertise and excellent production capacities enable us a very flexible cooperation. We treat each buyer individually, we want to meet them and contribute to their success with our products.


Development and production of quilted and non-quilted textile

Our partners include renown and world-class brands, for which we manufacture textile components of their products. We have a reputation as a very reliable business partner, for development as well as production of textile components. We want to contribute with our work to the quality of the final product and to the business success of our partner.


Odeja stores 

We have a developed network of our retail stores in all major cities over Slovenia and a global on-line store. Our merchants are trained advisors, who want to contribute to healthy sleeping and well-being of each user of Odeja products.
We have also developed a strong wholesale network, which conducts business with major buyers and business partners all over the world.



Information about the development of textile products

Lea Križnar

Technical Director

T +386 4 51 30 144



Contact person for major buyers and suppliers

Tatjana Mencigar

Head of Commercial

T +386 4 51 30 120