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Experience and knowledge, our own brand development and application enable us to offer you various services and top products that will contribute to the realization of your business ambitions.

When you choose the textile products of Odeja for the equipment of your facility, you will be with them:

  • Fulfilled all the expectations and hidden desires of their guests and at the same time
  • Provide cost-effective fitting and management of your facility.

Experience and knowledge, our own development and implementation of the Odeja brand enable us to offer various services and top products that will contribute to the realization of your business ambitions.


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Razvoj tekstilij


Together we can create final products or textile components that are part of your product.

Oprema objektov


We help you realize all the expectations and hidden wishes of your guests to provide cost-effective fitting and management of your facility.

Prevleke za ležišča


Dress the beds in covers that will convince even the most demanding user with their appearance, materials and creation.


Meet our customers

We have a long list of customers that trust our products:

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Apartmani Divota (Split), Belvedere (Izola), Bohinj Park EKO Hotel (Bohinj), Gostilna Avsenik (Begunje), Grand Hotel Union (Ljubljana), Grand Hotel Toplice Bled (Bled), HIT hoteli, Hotel Arkada (Hvar), Hotel Art (Split), Hotel Astoria (Budva), Hotel Astorija (Kotor), Hotel Aurel Podgorica), Hotel Princess (Bar), Hotel Queen of Montenegro (Budva), Hotel Radomiri (Kotor), Hotel Residence (Budva), Hotel Riviera (Petrovac), Hotel Riviera (Herceg Novi), Hotel Ruza Vjetrova (Bar), Hotel Sidrao (Bar), Hotel Slon (Ljubljana), Hotel Soa (Žabljak), Hotel Splendid (Budva), Hotel Splendido (Kotor), Hotel Split (Podstrana), Hotel Tamaris (Vis), Hotel Tartini (Piran), Hotel Termalis (Dolenjske toplice), Hotel Vis (Vis), Hoteli Bernardin (Portorož), Hoteli Maestral (Dubrovnik), Hoteli Palace (Portorož), Hoteli Solaris (Šibenik), Hoteli Vrboska (Hvar), JGZ Brdo (Brdo), Jonathan Yachting (Portorož), Kempinski Palace (Portorož), Kompas Hoteli (Bled), Kompas Hoteli (Kranjska gora), Kompas Yachting (Ljubljana), Lopudske ville (Dubrovnik), Nebesa (Kobarid), Pine Beach (Pakoštane), Psihiatrična bolnišnica Idrija (Idrija), Psihiatrična bolnišnica Ormož (Ormož), Radisson Blu (Split), Sava Turizem (Slovenija), Terme 300 (Moravske toplice), Terme Krka, Terme Maribor (Maribor), Terme Olimia (Podčetrtek), Terme Ptuj (Ptuj), Turizem Unior (Zreče), Univerzitetni klinični center (Ljubljana), Zdravilišče Rogaška (Rogaška), in mnogi drugi.

Why Odeja?

We are a team of educated, experienced and skilled people who know how to design and produce the product according to your idea, or even upgrade your basic idea that the end product truly fulfills all the goals set. We have extensive and diverse technology that enables us to produce a wide variety of products. We have a wide range of highly diversified verified suppliers, which gives us a good overall service and contributes to the excellence of the finished product.

We are known as a reliable and flexible partner or supplier in the development of various textile products.

In addition to the production of textile products, we also offer assistance and advice on product design, which is important especially if you are not from the textile industry or develop a very specific or innovative product.

For you we can produce very specific and unique textile products for the equipment of your facility. On the basis of your business plans, the type of its users, desire to maintain equipment, and so on, the expert team will develop and produce such textile equipment as you like.

Our customers and partners appreciate:

  • own development and production,
  • innovative development solutions,
  • the possibility of producing small batches or several variations of the same product.
  • controlled selection of the best materials,
  • top production,
  • flexibility in the quantity of products,
  • short delivery time due to excellent logistics service
  • making various forms of quilting and closing forms,
  • the possibility of ordering small quantities,
  • recognizable excellent and precise manufacture of experienced sewing.


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