Color Flexi cushion - Red

Multi-purpose cushion

Pillow that is able to completely adapt to you
Flexi is an incredibly practical and comfortable pillow. It has a wonderful ability of perfect adaptation to the user and their idea of comfort. Three separate compartments and thought-out filling enable its flexibility and thus complete adaptation to your body and the way you rest. You can support all body parts with it, increase the height of the head of the bed or rest your feet on it. You can use it in a bed or on a couch; it is irreplaceable for prolonged recoveries in bed, and is ideal as a head pillow in a deckchair.

Dimension: 50x60 cm


Convenient zipper enables the creation of different shapes
Flexi has a zipper that enables you to staple it into a narrow and compact pillow. You can also connect several pillows together into a very pleasant and comfortable lying pillow. Due to its versatility, Flexi is an ideal pillow you can use to equip your holiday house or take it with you on holiday.


Innovative shape and excellent composition
Flexi was developed in Odeja Škofja Loka. It is distinguished by its ergonomic shape: three different compartments ensure the amazing adaptability of the pillow. On the other hand, the selected filling creates compactness and offers stable comfort.
The fabric of the pillow is very pleasant to the touch, and the filling is suitable for people with allergies and asthma as well. Flexi can be washed and can thus retain its freshness.


Recommended ways of use of Flexi

  • Back support on the couch (especially if the couch has a long seat) / stapled or stretched
  • Pillow for resting (on a couch) / stapled or stretched
  • Pillow for sitting (on the ground) / stretched
  • Pillow for garden chairs / stretched
  • Pillow for garden deckchairs / multiple pillows stapled together
  • Mattress for children or visiting youngsters / multiple pillows stapled together
  • Support for the back, knees or other body parts during sleep, lounging or recovering / stapled
  • Travel pillow (for a passenger in a car) / stapled or stretched
  • Travel pillow / stapled or stretched
  • Equipment for a holiday house
More Information
MaintenanceWash at or below 40°C with gentler treatment in the washing machine, Do not bleach, Do not iron, Do not tumble dry, Gentle cleaning with PCE

35% cotton / 65% polyester

100% polyester, Feel-Well fibers

SubtitleMulti-purpose cushion

35% cotton / 65% polyester

100% polyester, Feel-Well fibers