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Children’s pillow Medical First Mini

Top quality children’s pillow for toddlers who are prone to allergies and asthma

Tested design and superb materials
The distinguishing points of Medical First Mini children’s pillow’s design are top quality fabric and filling, which prevent the development of allergenic microorganisms. 
When designing this pillow, we considered the experience of mothers, so the filling is quilted in a special way, to offer suitable and healthy comfort to babies and toddlers.

Dimension: 30x40 cm

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100 % Safe


Clinically tested materials for the most sensitive people
The fabric of the pillows is processed with the double protection Allergo-Protection, which actively prevents the development of dust mites and harmful bacteria in the pillow. The core consists of the clinically tested Sensi-Care filling, specially designed for allergic people and asthmatics. The pillow is washable at 60°C and can thus be kept clean.


Create a sleeping environment free of dust mites
The pillow is a part of a special Odeja Medical collection, which includes products from selected materials with special characteristics to prevent the intrusion and development of allergenic microorganisms and are washable at 60°C. They are suitable for children with allergies and asthma, for children whose bedding needs to be cleaned often and everybody who likes to sleep in a very clean sleeping environment. View the collection Odeja Medical > 

Read the allergist recommendation
We’ve created the Odeja Medical collection collaborating with the renowned Slovenian allergist Chief Physician Brane Meznar, MD. His advice to parents of children with allergies and asthma is to make sure their children's sleeping environment is as allergen free as possible. Bedding that protects from dust mites, fungi and mould creates very comfortable and fresh sleeping climate and can thus effectively attribute to healthier and truly invigorating sleep of the child. Read the entire article >

48% cotton / 52% polyester, processed using double Allergo-Protection
100% polyester, Sensi - Care

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