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Produkt je bil uspešno dodan v košarico



Our products are renowned for excellent materials, unique design and superb Slovenian production.

We wish you to feel well using our products and to feel the quality we promise and for which we are known:

  • we develop our products in cooperation with our customers,
  • we carefully select quality materials and
  • supervise our high-quality production.


GOTS certification demonstrates superior quality collection Organic

GOTS certification demonstrates very strict control of the raw materials and the processing and review all aspects of business operations. The most important aspect is the quality of input materials for Organic products, storage thereof, production, use of raw materials undergoing high quality control and finally packaging and storage products.

We offer products great and safe for children

Odeja Oeko-Tex 1

Our products for childern contribute to well-being, healty sleeping and joyful play of their our little ones. Thus they are all equipped with Öko-Tex certificate class I, which ensures that there are no substances harmful to health in them. 
More information about the certificate is available at


Suitable for sensitive and allergic people and asthmatics 

Odeja - allergy and ashtma friendly

We very carefully select materials from which our products are made, because we want that everything we offer contributes to well-being and health of their users. Some products are specially made for the most sensitive people, for allergic people and asthmatics. These products are labelled with A&A. It is characteristic for these products that their materials prevent the development of dust mites, mould and bacteria in the product or that they are washable at a minimum of 60°C.


Our products are renowned for their proven excellence and trustworthiness

Odeja - Superbrands 2014

The Superbrands 2014 mark is a confirmation that Odeja is a quality, trustworthy and special brand with a strong emotional charge. As one of the Superbrands Odeja is distinguished by ambitious entrepreneurship, creative marketing approaches and high quality products.
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Our own development and production in Slovenia guarantees excellent services and products

Odeja Made in EU - Slovenija

 Since 1932 Odeja is a tested and renowned European manufacturer of textile products for home decoration. We are distinguished by our own permanent development, highly qualified production and developed selling network.
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