Merinofil Extra quilt

Prestigious very warm quilt, filled with merino wool

Discover the stimulating features of merino wool
The superb merino wool belongs among the fillings that, due to strictly controlled method of production and process, create a perfect sleeping climate. The quilt has remarkable abilities of thermal accumulation adapted to the body and room temperature. It also effectively drains the body moisture into the room, is airy and does not overheat the body. Its features are complemented by high quality cotton inlet, which is skin friendly, airy and hydrophilic.

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Pleasant warmth that pampers the body
The quilt is very warm and is suitable for cold seasons or cold bedrooms. The quilt offers excellent conditions for complete body regeneration during sleep, especially if you are a rheumatic or are often cold.


Long lasting freshness and comfort
Self-cleaning abilities and washability of merino wool in the quilt ensure a long lasting freshness. More about the maintenance of bedding made of natural materials >


Delightful combination of merino wool and cotton
Merino wool creates a fairy-tale comfort: it generates just the right level of warmth depending on the room and body temperature, has an amazing ability to accumulate warmth and is excellent at draining moisture. Due to high content of lanolin, sheep wool is self-cleaning and does not draw dirt – regular shaking and ventilating is enough to preserve its freshness.
Cotton is skin friendly, airy and light. It very effectively drains body moisture into the room. It creates a pleasantly airy and fresh sleeping climate, which is appreciated by everyone who is prone to night perspiration.


Create the natural sleeping climate in your bed
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More Information
Maintenance Wash at or below 30°C with gentler treatment in the washing machine, Do not bleach, Do not iron, Do not tumble dry, Gentle cleaning with PCE

100 % cotton inlet
100 % merino wool (600 g/m²)

GUARANTEED QUALITY Eko Tex_1, Wool Merino quality
Subtitle Prestigious very warm quilt, filled with merino wool

100 % cotton inlet
100 % merino wool (600 g/m²)