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Cirrusfil Medium quilt

Medium warm quilt, filled with top quality Cirrus fibres

Filling that wicks moisture away
The Cirrus filling is characterized by superior airiness and ability to wick moisture into the room. The quilt therefore evenly warms the body, prevents body overheating and also prevents moisture retention. We strongly recommend it to everyone who often perspires during the night and wants a quilt that embraces your body gently as a little cloud.

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100 % Safe


Satin with a hydrophilic application
Quilt fabric is a top quality cotton satin with a hydrophilic application with the maximum ability to wick moisture away and thus optimally complements features of the filling. Lovely quilting gives it suppleness and durability.

Collection ODEJA
The quilt is a part of a ODEJA collection, that is known for certified prestigious materials, along with top quality resources and manufacture. We have sewn the respect for your healthy sleep and well-being in each product. They are made for those who desire only the best for their sleep.

100 % cotton-satin with hydrophilic coating

Additional fabric:
100 % polypropylene

100 % polyester siliconized - CIRRUS

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