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Eva Extra quilt

Warm quilt made especially for women

Voluminous pampering
The quilt is made from amazingly pleasant cotton inlet and filled with wonderful Dreamfil filling. It is as soft as fluff and has special warming characteristics, which create a very comfortable sleeping environment. Due to its unique quilting in the shape of a woman’s body, the quilt perfectly adjusts to the body and shows that this quilt is made exclusively for her

Dimension: 200x140 cm

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100 % Safe


Suitable also for sensitive people
We strongly recommend this quilt to sensitive and allergic people and also to asthmatics. All the materials from which this quilt is made are friendly to the environment and to people’s health. The quilt is washable at 60°C and therefore you can prevent the development of allergenic microorganisms yourselves.
The Eva & Adam collection
The quilt is a part of a special collection named Eva & Adam that includes a set of pillows and quilts especially designed for different ways in which women and men sleep. This collection is a very nice gift for newlyweds and everyone who is decorating a new home.


100% cotton inlet
100 siliconized polyester Dreamfill (400 g/ m²)

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