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Soft Extra quilt

Very warm quilt made from micro fabric

Enjoy the fairy tale softness
This voluminous and warm quilt is made from high quality micro fabric. It is wonderfully soft and very pleasant to touch. The unique feature of specially processed micro-fibres is that they accumulate a lot of heat. The filling of the quilt consists of special siliconised polyester fibres, making the quilt very suitable for winters, even in unheated rooms. The quilt will evenly heat the body and offer you amazingly warm comfort.

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100 % Safe


You can wash it
You can wash the quilt at 60°C. Precise and perfected quilting ensures that the filling will remain in its place even after washing. After washing it, shake it well, straighten it and let it completely dry on a flat surface before using it again.  

100% polyester, microfibre
100% siliconized polyester

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