We got the GOTS certificate

We got the GOTS certificate

In the Swiss organization IMOswiss AG - Global Organic Textile Standard we GOTS certified, which demonstrates the superior quality of our Organic collectionof products, 100 % made from organic cotton is 100 % organic processed discipline.

What is GOTS certificate?

GOTS certification demonstrates a very strict control of the raw materials and the processing and review all aspects of business:

social policy and stance of the company,
regulation of working conditions and safety,
occupational safety,
maintenance and cleaning of machines,
waste management.

The most important aspect is the quality of input materials for the products, storing them, making the use of raw materials undergoing high quality control and finally packaging and storage of the products. All these parameters must be met in order for a company to obtain a certificate GOTS.

Very strict rules for the selected materials

All the raw materials have strict traceability and controlled production methods, as well as breeding sheep and processing of raw materials. Organic cotton grows on the fields where it was not used pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers. It is also not genetically modified. Harvesting and processing are in accordance with the strict rules of the standard. Also sheep under the careful control. Breeding takes place in natural pastures without the use of antibiotics. The process of cutting, washing and processing wool is also strictly controlled.

The certificate is valid for one year and must be renewed annually.

What GOTS certification means to customers Organic products?

The highest quality we strive for you to trust in our products. You can be sure that you will be buying products collection Organic getting a quality product for the beautiful natural sleeping environment of Slovenian origin.

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